Car steering wheel booster ball

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This item is well made of premium quality material for durable and practical use. Flying Mount Alloy Material, The Dial Above is Silicone. Generally driving in bends always difficult to turn, if there are driving aids, turning easily, the turntable can turn 90 degrees. With its dynamic and sporty design, this product provides the essential support to control car steering wheels safely, conveniently and efficiently. The installation process is easy and requires no tools. The power ball can rotate 360 degrees, easy to use. Suitable for a thickness of less than 32mm steering wheel use.

-Black color
-Material: Silicone.
-Size: 17x11x3 cm.
-Fine finish, delicate design and superior quality.
-More leverage and faster response.
-The installation process is easy and requires no tools.
-The power ball can turn 360 degrees, easy to use.
-The inside of the bayonet with a rubber ring to avoid scratching the steering wheel.
-Install on the steering wheel, increase the arm of the steering wheel, increasing the role of the couple.

Packing list


1 x steering wheel button

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